E3 07: Metal Gear Solid 4 confirmed as PS3 exclusive

Sony has confirmed that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will be a PlayStation 3 exclusive. The announcement, made by Sony America bigwig Jack Tretton, rounded off a prime-time showing for Konami's epic stealth title - which included the dialogue-heavy trailer you can see at Konami's official site.

You could've been forgiven for thinking that Sony had lost interest in the whole exclusivity business, and the never-ending rumors of MGS4 for the 360 had even the hardest of fans convinced.

Still, even Sony must have been aware that losing MGS4 to the competition would spell disaster. But enough of the doom-mongering. Check out some lush stills from the new trailer by hitting our updated gallery.

You might be interested to know that next week, Hideo "Koj" Kojima will be playing a real-time demo of Metal Gear Solid 4, and we'll have our eyespeeled to tell you about it.

July 12, 2007

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