E3 07: Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon

Since writing off his spaceship while drunk as a brewery rat at the end of DAH2, Crypto - Destroy All Humans’ alien anti-hero- has mellowed. It’s now the ’70s (the previous episodes being set in the ’50s and ’60s) and he’s pitched up in Los Paradiso (read: Las Vegas) with his spiky-headed master, Pox. The pair have bought a casino called Space Dust and, rather than sucking the brains of the foolish humans, as usual, they’re draining their wallets instead. It’s a far cry from the rigorous anal probing they’re usually associated with. But you can’t keep a bad alien down for long and, after a being attacked by a rival gang of dastardly entrepreneurs, Crypto soon gets a taste for destroying humans again - which is where we find him on PS3 and Xbox 360.

We’ve had a glimpse of the first two Story missions in the game - “Always bet on Grey” and “Dinner with the Dons,” which take place in Los Paradiso. The mob, named the Molinari Brothers - who just so happen to run a few gambling emporiums themselves - don’t like the alien competition, so they send a few hitmen to rub Pax and Crypto out and shut down their casino. When Crypto strikes back and blasts the Molinari brothers’ casino to bits, naturally scaring away all of their customers, and anal probes Vinnie Molinari, his brother Mikey calls in the “Family” to whack Crypto. Taking to the air in his new saucer he kills all the arriving mobsters, but quickly learns that they’ll simply keep coming, and his alert level will increase to the point where he’ll be shot down unless he takes a more subtle approach.

Laying low and waiting for the mob’s meeting at a diner outside town to begin, Crypto uses his cloaked saucer to abduct the Don’s limousine unnoticed, carries it to a remote location, body snatches the Don, and joins the meeting disguised as him. Using carefully chosen words to convince the rest of the Bosses that the little alien ain’t the problem, and that it’s all in the Molinari brothers’ imagination, he convinces the five families not to declare war on him. Clever. The rest of Path of the Furon promises to be just as involving.

This third installment in the Destroy All Humans series is the first on next-gen consoles and, odd as it sounds after that start, follows Crypto on his path to enlightenment. A mysterious oriental voice haunts his dreams and summons him to Shen Long - DAH’s take on Hong Kong. When he gets there - and after destroying a gang of monks - a wise old alien master teaches him about the four different paths to enlightenment - body, mind, space and time.