Edge 277: Fable Legends Can Lionhead recapture Albions magic on Xbox One?

To those who experienced its arrival, the industrial revolution must have felt indistinguishable from magic. But if you, like us, vicariously experienced one through Fable III’s smog-spoilt Albion, the pangs for a return to the series’ enchanted-forest origins were likely overpowering.Lionhead recognises this gradual drift from wonder to smokestacks and is taking the game back to its roots with Fable Legends, and attempting to conjure up the most ambitious Fable ever. We visit the UK developer’s Guildford studio to speak to the people behind this decidedly un-industrial revolution and to find out what Fable’s new direction will mean for the series. Edge 277 is out now in print, on iPad, Google Play and Zinio.

Videogame adventures had far more modest beginnings, of course, and in Deeper Readingwe investigate the rebirth of the text adventure and meet the developers who are redefining the genre. In Taking The Art Out Of Games we visit the Fries Museum to take in its New Horizons exhibition which examines game art in a new context. It’s not the only exhibition we attend, as we also find time to drop in on Edinburgh’s Game Masters show, which charts 40 years of exceptional game designers’ work.

Talking of designers with history, Playtonic boasts a number of Rare veterans among its number, and we find out how they intend to reclaim the studio’s golden age. Turning our attention to the future, we take a look at Razer’s Open Source Virtual Reality, which it claims is VR’s only hope for survival.

This month’s The Making Of… takes an exploratory spanner to Assembly Line’s plumbing puzzle game Pipe Mania, while our Time Extend features the similarly twisting pathways of F-Zero GX. We also spend some time in the Nordic region, firstly with Swedish storytellerSimogo in our Studio Profile, and then Finland for our latest Region Specific. And finally,65daysofstatic’s Paul Wolinski shares his thoughts on Amigas and No Man’s Sky in My Favourite Game.

In Hype we tackle The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, The Long Dark, Project Cars, The Hunter: Primal, Survarium, Galak-Z: The Dimensional and more.

And in Play we deliver our verdict on Elite Dangerous, Life Is Strange, Dying Light, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell, Kalimba and Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax.

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