Paper planes & anti-grav grenades: the weird ass weapons of Dying Light's The Following

Between the poison machetes and flaming bullets Dying Light already has a pretty bizarre range of weapons. It's big DLC, The Following, however, has upped stakes with some really, really weird crap like explosive paper planes and a grenade that makes zombies float. Because... I've no idea. Let's take a look at what we've got to play with.

Origami 101

This blueprint for this weapon lives in the North West of the map, on top of a water tower in a place called Jasmir's Farm. Once you've retrieved it you can rain papery death down on the undead using a plane that orbits you, attacking the nearest enemies. It takes a lot to craft and doesn't last too long, so don't go crazy.

Czesiu's Super Zombie Grenade

This explosive device is half anti-grav field and half mini-rocket, making zombies float gently for a few seconds before firing them into the sky to crash down a little while later. It doesn't really kill them but can occasionally set them on fire. Which doesn't really help anyone. It can be found in far South East of the map in a box near a van.

Tolga's Folly

This is basically a button that randomly teleports the player around the map. Not always safely either, so get ready to press it more than once if it drops you somewhere high up. It requires quite a few batteries and electronics to make, and you can find it to the East on a difficult to reach island.

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