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Watch Dying Light: The Following's buggies in zombie-smashing action

The wide-open hills and valleys of Dying Light: The Following could hardly feel more different from the crowded streets of Harran - that's pretty much the whole idea. You can see the difference for yourself in this new reveal trailer for Techland, complete with idyllic country playgrounds (besieged by zombies) and a souped-up buggy.

The huge rural area is bigger than Dying Light's previous maps put together, which is where that all-terrain buggy comes in. The Following isn't just a big, new place to run and drive, it's also the "untold chapter of [Dying Light protagonist] Kyle Crane's story," taking place after the conclusion of the original game. It'll be interesting to see how Crane's old allies and enemies carry over into this new wilderness.

Techland's still mulling over a release date for The Following, but whenever it does release it will be free to Season Pass owners. Otherwise, you can buy it separately for $14.99 (UK price TBA).

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