Dying Light 2 update adds photo mode and free gameplay chapter

Dying Light 2
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The latest Dying Light 2 update adds photo mode and a free gameplay chapter. 

Dying Light 2 is only a few months old, but already Techland is kindly treating us to lots more parkour-infused zombie action with update 1.4.0. This marks the start of the developer's five-year post-launch plan to build on the game with free content expansions. Update 1.4.0, which arrives today, adds several new features, including a new gameplay chapter, "In the Footsteps of Nightrunner," and the ever-popular photo mode.

In the Footsteps of Nightrunner introduces you to a new character called Harper, who'll give you access to powerful high-end weapons and equipment if you help him put an end to special infected. You can find Harper at the Fish Eye Canteen and build your reputation by completing daily and weekly bounties against these powerful adversaries.  

The update also adds two new currencies and some fresh enemies. The unfamiliar foes you'll be up against include the Volatile Tyrant and the Volatile Hive. Techland has implemented a hefty number of bug fixes to remedy various issues across PC and console, including co-op stability. You can see the full list of improvements on the developer's  website

Last but certainly not least, you can document your victory over the zombie hordes with the inclusion of photo mode. You'll be able to create your own unique shots with various camera manipulation options and colour adjustments. The feature also comes with special effects, which "will allow you to create unique sequences straight from the action movies".

What other content Techland has lined up as part of its five-year plan for Dying Light 2 remains to be seen, but back in March, the developer teasingly said to "expect the unexpected" when it comes to the game's DLC.

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