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Dying Light 2 on PS5 makes the leap to PLAY Magazine's latest cover

(Image credit: Techland)

The new issue of PLAY Magazine is out now, and Dying Light 2 makes the cover. After months of silence, new hires, and upheavals Techland finally emerged from the shadows to shed light on the zombie-parkour-RPG sequel, in the new issue of PLAY Magazine. Seek out a copy in all good supermarkets, newsagents, and online to not miss our on the latest news and reviews for PS5, PS4, and PSVR.

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Dying Light 2 on PS5


(Image credit: Techland)

Speaking with the development team about Dying Light 2's crafting system, world building, audio, and game design, and more, Techland has confirmed the sequel's PS5 prowess, and it's exciting.

"Dying Light 2 on next-generation consoles allows the player to adjust the game to their preferences,” says rendering director Tomek Szałkowski, in the new issue of PLAY Magazine, explaining: “The game has a new mode of enhanced quality to offer, using ray tracing, increasing lighting and shadow quality, a high framerate mode at 60fps, and a high-resolution mode offering 4K gameplay."

The new issue is on sale now, with more exclusive content…

PES 2022 gets 'Photoreal'

PES 2022

(Image credit: Konami)

Photo real football on PS5 is promised by Konami as PLAY Magazine chat to the game series' producer Seitaro Kimura in the latest issue. Speaking exclusively to PLAY Magazine the developer reveals the transition from Fox Engine to Unreal Engine is going well, and hyper-real football is on the cards.

Kimura explains in the new issue: “This [next-level realism] includes atmosphere of the stadium and the enthusiastic supporters, the players’ passionate facial expressions, the texture of the skin and hair, and detailed movement of their muscles and sweat. Even the seams of the uniforms.”

Read more about PES 2022's photo real ambition only in PLAY Magazine, out now.



(Image credit: Bethesda)

Going deeper into Deathloop, Arkane Studio's PS5 shooter PLAY Magazine reveals how the developer's experimental but canceled The Crossing influenced its new game. At the heart is AI antagonist Julianna Blake, a persistent and creative threat she could toppled Lady Dimitrescu as 2021's most popular meme-villain. 

Game director Dinga Bakaba tells PLAY Magazine the character is very flexible, and there’s even room to roleplay as Julianna, adding that it’s even possible “to be friendly with Colt,” maybe going so far as to assist him with taking out some NPC marks. 

Such invention is why Deathloop could be one of 2021's best games, and it's exclusive on PS5. Read the whole story in PLAY Magazine, on sale now.

D&D: Dark Alliance

Dungeons & Dragons

(Image credit: Wizards Of The Coast)

It's a co-op God Of War set in the D&D universe, what's not to love? Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is quietly becoming one of the most fun games releasing this summer. In the new issue of PLAY Magazine the studio reveals its inspirations, and how development it linked to D&D's latest tabletop RPG.

“There has been great collaboration between Tuque and the TRPG Studio,” shares Jeff Hattem, head of studio at Tuque Games. “In fact, some of the contents of Rime Of The Frostmaiden were inspired by what we are building in Dark Alliance.”

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Rift Apart

(Image credit: Sony)

Need more reasons to be excited for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart on PS5? Then grab a copy of PLAY Magazine and discover more on the universe-hopping duo's dynamic return on PS5.

CG movie quality visuals, ray tracing, SSD-powered dimension-hopping gameplay, and Insomniac's knack for sweetly cute character design – this one's got the lot. Read the latest preview in PLAY Magazine.

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