Dying Light 2 is getting new story DLC in the next few weeks

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Dying Light 2 is getting brand new story content in a few weeks.

Dying Light 2 studio Techland has pulled back the cover on Chapter 2: A Huntress and a Hag. The second batch of story-driven post-launch content for the horror sequel, this chapter follows agent Shen Xiu, also known as The Huntress, as she prepares deadly new challenges for the player.

This new Chapter is going to introduce new bounties, enemies, weapons, and more, besides the overarching narrative involving Xiu. There isn't a release date for Dying Light's Chapter 2 update right now, but Techland notes in a press release that it'll be arriving "in a couple [of] weeks."

For more on the upcoming Chapter, including what developer Techland envisions for the Chapter updates in Dying Light 2, you can check out the conversation between senior brand manager Anna Kubica and game designer Karol Langier below for more.

That's not all, though, as Chapter 2 will debut alongside the brand new patch 1.5 for Dying Light 2. Just like the Chapter 2 update, we don't know when this patch will be arriving, and we also don't know what sort of content and errors this forthcoming patch will address.

It's worth mentioning that although patch 1.5 for Dying Light 2 is entirely free, both Chapters are paid-for DLC. In January, before Dying Light 2's launch, Techland guaranteed five years of post-launch support, outlining two DLC chapters in the coming months after release. In May, the developer said the new story content would "positively surprise people."

There's even been datamined evidence of "gladiator-themed" story DLC for Dying Light 2, so the new Chapter might not spell the end of new story content.

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