Dying Light 2 "guarantees to expand the world for at least five years post-launch"

Dying Light 2
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Techland has said it will "guarantee to expand the world of dying Light 2 for at least five years post-launch" with in-game events, as well as new stories and locations.

"Want to know what will happen AFTER the premiere?" the developer tweeted. "We guarantee to expand the world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human for at least 5 years post-launch with new stories, locations, in-game events and all the fun stuff you love!"

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Techland stopped short of confirming whether or not the additional new content would be free, however - but hopefully, we'll find out more about Dying Light 2's post-launch plans after the zombie game's highly-anticipated launch next month.

After tweeting that Dying Light 2 will reportedly take "at least" 500 hours to complete last week, Techland was later forced to issue an update about Dying Light 2's length, later clarifying that the game's campaign is only about 20 hours – "more for some, less for others" – if you're focused. 

"500 hours is related to maxing out the game - finishing all the quests, endings, and exploring every part of the world, but a regular player should finish the story + side quests and do quite a lot of exploring in less than 100 hours, so don't worry!"

Dying Light 2's skill tree was recently revealed in a new teaser trailer, showcasing how Aiden's abilities can be upgraded. The video gives a quick visual demonstration of the skill trees' layout, which looks surprisingly - wonderfully! - straightforward, boasting different upgradeable trees for combat and parkour skills. We also recently got to check out Dying Light 2: Stay Human's in-depth user interface options, too. 

And yes, you'll once be able to link up with your fellow Dying Light 2 players for up to four-player co-op, just like the first game. Yay!

Dying Light 2 is due to launch on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on February 4, 2022.

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