DVDstruction - 5 reasons your HD-DVDs are still good

Jan 15, 2008

Update: By the way, for all of you frothing-at-the-mouth conspiracy theorists who've written in accusing us of being on the take, you'll note that we never actually endorse HD-DVD over Blu-ray. We're not saying it's better... at all in fact.We're simply trying to shine a little sunshine into the lives of all those HD-DVD fans out there. Relax.

We like movies. You like movies. And we have game systems that play movies. In our first week, we look at the current Hi-Def format war. Next week, we’ll start picking the best movies to buy. Fear not loyal readers: we won’t jump the shark by talking about other things like slam poetry and muscle cars.

The high-definition DVD format war has reached a new fever pitch. Coming off the heels off the recent announcement that Warner Bros. (producers of the Harry Potter franchise, also: Batman) announced Blu-ray exclusivity come June 1st. The only two major Hollywood studios supporting HD-DVD at the moment are Paramount (Transformers and all things Dreamworks) and Universal (Children of Men). Recent rumblings suggest both studios are shifting their focus to Blu-ray. Sadly, we’re almost completely positive that HD-DVD will fizzle out by the end of the year, leaving early adopters high and dry.