Dust 514: Is it coming to PC? An interrogation of every EVE man available certainly does not rule it out

Whether it's on your radar at the moment or not, PS3-exclusive Dust 514 could be a very big deal indeed. Though I appreciate why you might be doubtful. A large-scale, persistent online shooter with multi-layered squad hierarchy, character customisation and objective-driven gameplay, it probably finds you troubled by vague, bothersome memories of something not entirely pleasant that you can't quite recall (It was called MAG, by the way, but I totally understand why you can't remember it). But don't let that colour your judgement. By connecting directly with the vast space MMO EVE Online, Dust could well turn out to be a landmark for fully fleshed-out, organically evolving, 'real' game worlds. But there's one important question that needs to be answered.

You see there's an elephant sitting in the corner of the room and refusing to budge its big fat grey arse. And that elephant's name is Given-That-It's-So-Heavily-Tied-Into-A-PC-Exclusive-Game-Is-Dust-514-Coming-Out-On-The-PC-As-Well? Do not laugh at the elephant. Its parents were hippies.

The answer to that question? Our lovely friends from PC Gamer have detectived the crap out of the issue by spending the last week spamming the query at every man who might know, in the hope that someone will crack. In the above video you will find their their findings.

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David Houghton
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