Dungeon Runners gets bigger

Aug 30, 2007

NCSoft's MMO Dungeon Runners - which you can play for free - has received its first content update.

At the top of the content pile in the new update stands the introduction of PvP worlds, which eliminates all player-versus-environment tasks and focus purely on player-versus-player combat in various maps and settings.

Accompanying that, Dungeon Runners can now have three characters per account, and naturally there's the usual new quests, armour sets and skills that are pretty standard for these types of updates and a new dungeon aimed at level 75-100 adventurers.

Although Dungeon Runners is free to play, there's also a subscription-based option providing access to extra goodies, and those who are paying will now be able to play on servers exclusive to those who are, er, paying.

Speaking further about the PvP additions, NCSoft's explains the update "provides two PvP session types including group practice PvP, which focuses on small PvP free-for-all maps where players can hone their battle skills without a time limit.

"...and group-versus-group death match PvP, which automatically pits similarly powered groups in seven-minute matches."