Duke Nukem Forever is #1 in the UK All-Format chart. As if there could be any other end to the story

Duke's appearance has finally displaced LA Noire from the top of the charts and positively smashed the other new entries, with Infamous2 coming in at 4, Red Faction: Armageddon at8 and EA's MMA debuting at a disappointing 21.However, Infamous 2 did outsell the PS3 version of DNF, which Duke will probably amend with some guns and an act of depravity involving its neck.

Above: Duke's still refusing to change clothes or hairstyle, despite his look being over a decade out of date

Gamers are likely snapping up copies before they inevitably wake from this strange dream - and who can blame them? It's been the most ridiculously protracted development in the history of gaming, after all.We'll have our definitive review up soon, but for now, get out your camera for thisKodak moment. On this day, June 13, 2011, Duke Nukem isback in game stores, and on top of the world.

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13 Jun, 2011

Justin Towell

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