DualSense: the tech, dev reactions, and design secrets revealed in Official PlayStation Magazine #175

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Sony's next-gen starts now, with the reveal of the DualSense controller. This issue we deliver the definitive analysis of the pad's new features, including how haptic feedback, the new Create button, advanced mic, and more will deliver new experiences on PS5.

We speak to leading next-gen devs and get their reactions. Keith Lee, creative director on PS5-exclusice Godfall, tells us in OPM #175 on sale now: “Our combat is kinaesthetic in nature, so the new controller’s ‘adaptive triggers’ and haptic feedback will make moment-to-moment combat feel exhilarating and visceral.”

Quantum Error

Exclusive access to PS5 horror Quantum Error in OPM#175.

Exclusive access to PS5 horror Quantum Error in OPM#175. (Image credit: TeamKill Media)

There's more PS5 news in issue 175, on sale now, as we speak with TeamKill Media about it's next-gen shooter Quantum Error. As well as new details on the threats you'll face in this Doom-meets-Control horror-shooter, the studio's Micah Jones reveals Quantum Error could be a PS5 launch game, and an exclusive.

“We fully expect we can achieve an early PS5 launch. However, we dream and pray we could release as a PS5 launch title, and believe if you set your mind to something and work hard you can achieve anything.”

Jones reveals to us that, at the time of our interview, horror- shooter Quantum Error is only in development for PS4 and PS5. “Our focus is on PS5 first and then to optimise for PS4. We are open to a timed exclusive or full exclusive.”

Lockdown stories

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The world's gone crazy and we're spending every day in doors, playing on our PS4s. This issue we caught up with our readers to discover what their gaming spaces look like, and how their passion for PS4 is helping keep them sane and reconnect with family and friends. 

Ben Palmer (owner of the impressive PS4 collection pictured) has been playing The Division 2. It’s one way he’s staying in touch with pals. “[My friends and I] talk about our day or week, how things are going, how we’re all coping with the ‘new normal’ and if we can help one another out at all.”

It's good to know you're not alone with a PS4, read more stories from lockdown in issue 175 of Official PlayStation Magazine, on sale now.

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