Driver: San Francisco screens are dreamy... as you'd expect from a game set in a coma

Fresh screens have emerged of Driver: San Francisco - a game which really should be getting more attention than it is. Have you played the demo yet? If you haven't, you should. The city feels alive, the game engine is rock solid and the script and tongue-in-cheek humour is the perfect counterweight to the bizarre body-swap idea. You know, the onethat threatened to turn the game into a gimmicky mess. News: It hasn't! Solet's whet that appetite still further and take a look at these impressive snapshots.

Above: Driver has always excelled in giving you screen after screen of ever-changing scenery. Freeeedooom!

Above: I don't think this sort of thing will ever get old. Car + Dumpster = gleeful explosion of trash

Above: This could almost be a screen from DiRT 3, except for the '70s-style grain filter over everything

Above: Driver's always had ace cop chases and the new engine should allow for the whole force to follow you

Above: Let's go to San Francisco where the cars go so very high...

Above: A minor note, sure, but look at the quality of those shadows. And the glare from the sky. Yum

Above: You don't seem to be able to knock over pedestrians, presumably to keep the age rating down

Above: San Francisco is a beautiful city - even more beautiful when it's being smashed up by cars

Above: Has anyone accidentally boosted while holding forward for smoother steering? Me neither... *cough*

Above: It's good to have some more modern cars to drive. The '70s are great and all, but variety is king

Above: Water 'explosions' can look just as good as fire, and are unlikely to set your fuel tank alight

Above: Driver has always featured a proper traffic lights system, meaning you can actually drive 'properly'

Above: The shots look reminiscent of GTA IV, although Driver runs way smoother

Above: My favourite screen, I think. But I do feel sorry for the Bay City newspaper constantly losing its stock

Above: For too long, Driver tried to be like GTA. It's always done driving brilliantly, so let's stick to this

Above: That's not going to help the suspension. Every car has a 'health' bar, so you can wear cops down

Above: Erm... in-game still? It's getting hard to tell

Above: Look how empty the street is! That's what happens when you can be bothered to get up at dawn

18 Aug, 2011

Justin Towell

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