Dreams beta: Now you can share your creations with Media Molecule's blessing

Dreams beta players are now free to share their creations, stream the game, and talk about their overall Dreams experiences wherever they like. Developer Media Molecule officially lifted the beta's non-disclosure agreement, which previously barred players from discussing their experiences anywhere except for an official forum, with this announcement on Twitter.

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Striking down the NDA follows two other crowd-pleasing moves for the Dreams beta: sending out invites to everyone who applied, and pushing back the end date to February 4. You have another week to create and share whatever you like, so get building!

How do I get in the Dreams beta?

If you applied for access to the Dreams beta you should have an invite code waiting in your inbox by now. Sadly, that means you missed your chance for this Dreams beta session if you didn't apply back when sign-ups were open. Keep an eye out for any further beta tests later this year.

When does the Dreams beta begin and end?

The Dreams beta began December 19, with invites for folks who had previously subscribed to the Media Molecule newsletter. People who specifically applied for access to the beta session started getting invites in January, and though the beta was originally set to conclude on January 21, Media Molecule extended it by two weeks to February 4.

How do I download the Dreams beta?

Once you receive your invitation to the Dreams beta, you should be able to add it to your game library and download it like any other PS4 game. You'll only need about 4GB of storage space free for the beta client.

What's in the Dreams beta?

Its official name is "Dreams Creator Beta", so that should give you an idea of what’s included. This beta lacks the story mode and broader social features that would otherwise appeal to players who aren't so big on the whole "bring your dreams to life in a creative flight of fancy" thing. A limited series of tutorial levels and certain social aspects are available. There are also some beautiful creations pre-built by Media Molecule you can explore for inspiration or repurpose for your own ends. Check out the clip above for a preview.

Will my Dreams beta creations persist into the full game?

They will! Just make sure you save your creations according to these instructions so they stick around for the full version of Dreams.

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Can I share my Dreams beta experiences?

Now you can! A non-disclosure agreement formerly barred participants from discussing the Dreams beta publicly, but Media Molecule has lifted it. Feel free to share pictures or videos of your creations, stream the beta, or talk about it wherever.

Do I need PS Plus to play the Dreams beta?

You don't need an active PS Plus subscription to participate in the Dreams beta, but some internet connectivity will be required to play.

Can I use PlayStation VR or Move Controllers in the Dreams beta?

There are a few different ways to control Dreams. The default is a PS4 controller used with both its standard inputs and motion-controlled pointing, but you can also connect a pair of PlayStation Move controllers (with a PS4 Camera) for faster, more intuitive creating. Both of those options will work in the Dreams beta. However, PlayStation VR will not be supported. Media Molecule says it will have "more details about VR for Dreams closer to launch".

Did you know Dreams runs on the Bubblebath Engine? And that Dreams is a toybox of delights even if you're trying to build a nightmare? 

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