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Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Set in a fractured futuristic land of oppressive government rules and bleak dystopian perspectives, Dreamfall - the sequel to the classic adventurer Longest Journey - pits you against forces that are seen and unseen.

There are three major characters in Dreamfall that you'll need to assist in their struggle to discover the dimension-spanning conspiracy that threatens us all. Zoe is an apathetic youth who's lost her direction (having broken up with her boyfriend and quit college) when her life is hijacked by unexplained phenomena. Her ex-boyfriend has become embroiled in a strange conspiracy that has resulted in his abduction. Meanwhile, some freaky little girl keeps breaking into the TV screens around Zoe and suggesting through a haze of static that she find someone named April Ryan.

April is a veteran of the original Longest Journey and has spent the last few years surviving on an alien world. She'd thought that the events of her previous life were all but forgotten, but Zoe's destiny reveals that April has more adventuring to do.

Joining the two heroines is Kian, a religious zealot who brings death to the unworthy with his sword. All three of these characters meet with world-shattering realizations that shake the foundations of their belief systems as they search for spiritual truth in this world.

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey appears, appropriately enough, on April 25.