Dragon's Dogma gameplay trailer offers an alternative to the usual RPG grind

Capcom's Dragon's Dogma is rumored to be among the most expensive titles the company's ever worked on, if not the single biggest-budget title in its history. So the game's developers will want you getting as much out of it as possible – while weathering the joypad-wringing challenges that have long been synonymous with Capcom. Appropriately for a title whose thrills are said to be “eating up the budget,” you can face these challenges head-on – or just throw money at the problem, as explained here.

Besides immersing you within the unprecedented lushness of Dragon's Dogma, picking up the game when it's released in May will grant early access to the Resident Evil 6 demo. Xbox 360 owners will get first-look at the demo in July, while PS3 owners will have to hold onto their codes until September.