Dragoneer's Aria

After strolling through some smoldering ruins, we took our man Valen out with a small party to peruse the countryside and aid one of the ailing firebreathers. Along with a scantily clad young ladyfriend, he battled all sorts of nefarious enemies, including poison flowers, Jabba The Hut look-alikes oozing with slime, floating hooded skeletons armed with scythes, and horned demons (to name just a few). Sometimes a simple, straightforward attack by the party would be enough; other times, only a combined chain of mana-powered attacks would lead to the demise of our foes. There are scads of these powers to use and build upon, each with its own ferocious benefits.

As you%26rsquo;d expect, leveling up your skills will be one of the main keys to success, so you and your party members will need to seek out battles with rivals; luckily, these guys are terribly easy to find, as they dot the landscape in massive quantities. You won%26rsquo;t need to spend half your day smashing and summoning to advance up one rung, either, as we were able to move up a solid ten levels by the time the first boss reared his ugly head.