Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2

Action aside, Tenkaichi 2 will pack in a ton of different game modes for players to go nuts with. In addition to the usual training, versus and tournament modes, Tenkaichi 2 will feature an item shop for character-customization, a data center (which hands out passwords for trading customized characters with other players) and a Dragon Library with profiles of all 120 characters.

But the center of all this is the Dragon Adventure story mode, which offers up no fewer than 20 different storylines from throughout the Dragon Ball Z saga. As you follow these, you'll fly freely around the DBZ world, often followed by a couple of allies. The focus will be on fighting, but there'll be light RPG elements as well, enabling players to explore towns and other points of interest to power up before a big match. We're told that, while the individual storylines are relatively short, playing through all of Dragon Adventure will take about 50-60 hours, making this the biggest DBZ game to date.

While this won't hit until the end of October, it's already shaping up to be phenomenal. The action is simple and intense, it's packed with extras and the visuals look so good we're having a hard time believing they're on PS2. If you're a DBZ fan, Tenkaichi 2 might be the last game you'll ever need.