BioWare producer asks fans if they want a Dragon Age tactics game

Dragon Age could birth a new tactical RPG in the vein of Fire Emblem or XCOM, thanks in part to a popular Twitter poll. Franchise executive producer Mark Darrah asked his Twitter followers whether they would be interested in a Dragon Age game that journeys even deeper into tactical territory than the franchise's pause-and-play origins, and they responded en masse:

More than 12,000 people responded to Darrah's poll, and at least 6,000 of them with an unequivocal "Yes"! We haven't heard much more about the future of the fantasy RPG series since Dragon Age: Inquisition came out in November 2014 (aside from its DLC), but with lead writer David Gaider gone, now would be a good time to shake things up.

I'd throw The Banner Saga in as an ideal source of RPG-tactics inspiration, too; it has weighty story decisions and challenging grid-based battles alike (not to mention it was made by ex-BioWare developers). And yes, according to Darrah, this theoretical Dragon Age Tactics would "likely" have Fire Emblem-style relationship building mechanics. So instead of bugging your would-be love interest after every quest, hoping they have something new to say, you could just make sure you always fight next to them... and reload the game whenever they perma-die.

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Connor Sheridan

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