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Inquisition's Descent DLC goes back to Dragon Ages Origins

Sometimes you want to leave the civilized world of moral choices and military strategy behind and go for a nice, long dungeon dive with your magic elf friends. Dragon Age: Inquisition's latest piece of DLC, The Descent, lets you get your hack-and-slash on against the role-playing series' oldest, creepiest foe: the Darkspawn.

Something is causing massive tremors that literally threaten the stability of all Thedas, and the source is somewhere down in the Deep Roads. But standing between your Inquisitor and whatever's behind (or perhaps underneath) the destructive quakes are hordes of good old hurlocks, ogres, and other familiar fanged faces; the Fifth Blight is long since over, but now you're on the Darkspawn's home turf.

While you're delving into Inquisition's "biggest, seamless dungeon," you can also expect to meet new characters, collect powerful new loot, and even learn a thing or two about Dwarven history. The Descent will release on August 11 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One - last-gen versions are still out in the cold for further DLC.

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Connor Sheridan
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