Dragon Age 4 gets new concept art

Dragon Age 4
(Image credit: BioWare)

BioWare executive producer Christian Dailey has shared a new look at Dragon Age 4 concept art.

Dailey took to Twitter to share the shot of a fully-armored person slinging an ethereal blue arrow from some sort of disjointed bow. It isn't clear who the character is or what he's shooting down, but it's a gorgeous shot regardless. Check it out below, and I encourage you to explode it to full-size to appreciate the artistry.

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What might initially be even more intriguing than the concept art itself is a quote tweet of the art from former BioWare executive producer Mark Darrah, who made headlines in December when he left the studio along with general manager Casey Hudson.

As PC Gamer noticed, Darrah quickly shared Dailey's tweet with the concept art, jokingly saying "Oh so CHRISTIAN gets to post new concept art... I see how it is." Now, that alone might raise eyebrows, but another tweet seems to pretty clearly suggest Darrah is still involved with Dragon Age 4 in some capacity. Here's what Darrah wrote in response to a tweet that confused Darrah's joke for genuine animosity:

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"Maybe I'll ask Christian which one he thinks it is tomorrow at work..." That means Dailey and Darrah still work together, right? Well, no actually. A BioWare rep told PC Gamer that Darrah was just joking. Apologies for the anti-climactic finisher. 

Pretty much everything we've seen from Dragon Age 4 has left us with more questions than answers, and the new bit of concept art is no exception. The trailer from The Game Awards offers our most complete look yet at Dragon Age 4, revealing the return of Inquisition protagonist Solas.

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