Doom's first multiplayer DLC, Unto the Evil, is almost upon you

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Doom's multiplayer just grew a new pair of legs, and is aiming to trample you to death with them. The game's first paid DLC, Unto the Evil, will be available tomorrow, August 5. Check out this preview shared by Bethesda at QuakeCon 2016:

In case you can't see the video or just don't have the time, here's the jist: Unto the Evil adds new armor, taunts, maps, one new gun, and a new demon called The Harvester. The weapon, a UAC EMG Pistol, has a charge shot that makes it pack a bit more punch than your standard peashooter, while The Harvester is capable of zipping around and blasting bolts of lightning from its hands.

See you in Hell.

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