Doom on Switch release date set for November 10, in time to kill demons and avoid family gatherings

Bethesda has officially confirmed the release date for Doom's Nintendo Switch version: on November 10, the horrendous demons of Mars will officially be out of places to hide. That date goes for both North America and Europe. The company also joined up with Nintendo to put out a new video featuring interviews with executive producer Marty Stratton and creative director Hugo Martin, which you can check out here.

The Nintendo Switch version includes almost everything that has been previously released for Doom, including the single-player campaign with all difficulty modes and arcade mode, as well as multiplayer with all the DLC expansions built in. The one notable exception is SnapMap mode, which is a shame because it was a lot of fun to mess around with and play others' levels. It could've helped ease the absence of Super Mario Maker on Switch too, in a gut-ripping, demon-killing sort of way. Oh well.

"You won't find another game like this on the Nintendo Switch right now, which is what I think we're really excited about," Stratton said. "Doom really kind of establishes its own space and has its very own unique feel, and it really is a perfect on-the-go game. You can just play for 20 or 30 minutes".

Then Stratton made the ultimate use case for playing Doom on Nintendo's hybrid console: "You'll have it in time for all of those holiday meals at aunt Esther's house. When you're bored to tears you can go in the corner and fire up your Nintendo Switch and play Doom and slay demons while everybody's, I dunno, eating fruitcake".

Connor Sheridan

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