Doom Eternal DLC The Ancient Gods Part Two gives Doom Slayer a hellish send-off tomorrow

Doom Slayer's five-year saga is coming to an end tomorrow, March 18, with the release of Doom Eternal's second and final expansion, The Ancient Gods Part Two. Bethesda and id Software released a teaser for the upcoming expansion a couple of days ago, but you can check out the first full-length trailer above.

The Ancient Gods Part Two isn't just the last Doom Eternal DLC, it's also the conclusion to the Doom Slayer saga that began in 2016's Doom. Naturally, you can expect quite the send-off for the protagonist that helped popularize the FPS genre. There's new worlds to blast through, new enemies to pulverize, and oh, there's dragons too. I think it's only right that the Slayer gets to ride off on a dragon as he just barely slips through the closing cracks on the ceiling of the underworld. But in reality, I don't know how The Ancient Gods Part Two will end, or that bit about the dragon.

I do know The Ancient Gods Part Two takes you to a dilapidated Earth city hiding a mysterious gateway before breaching the towering walls of the Dark Lord's last holdout for what id Software calls its "best boss fight to date." Some of the new demon variants standing in your way will include the presumably tanky Armored Baron, the stalwart Stone Imp, the venomous Cursed Prowler, and the Screecher zombie, which strengthens other demons nearby when it's killed.

We recently sat down with id Software in anticipation of The Ancient Gods Part Two and the end of the Slayer saga, and it sounds like the DLC hides some hints at what's coming next for the Doom franchise.

"This is our version of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader going at it," game director Hugo Martin told us. "But it's not the end of the Doom universe. There are more stories to tell. And I think when you look at the world of Part 2 as you play through it, you can see where we could go, and things that we could do."

You can start playing The Ancient Gods Part Two on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia tomorrow if you own the Deluxe Edition of the game or the Year One pass. Otherwise, you can buy it as a standalone purchase just like the first DLC.

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