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  • PC | Submitted by Chickenman

    How to Beat the Final Boss (Doom 2)

    As you aready know, you go into the teleporter, make your way up to the highest ledge and flip the switch. It will raise a small platform in the middle of the toxic lake. Run down and press the "Use" button. It will rise, and hopefully with you on it. Pull out your rocket launcher. Now, the next step requires a lot of skill and planning and good eyesight and judgement. When the nose of your launcher is pointed at the chin of the goat's head, FIRE!! Hopefully, the rocket will go down the gole in the beast's forehead and you will hear a scream. Repeat as necessary. You should only have to do this twice, if it works both times.
    Here's an even simpler solution. While you're in the room with all the ammo and weapons, type "idclip" and run straight through the wall, past the ledge, and into the boss's head. You will see John Romero's head in there. (He's a creator at id Software.) All you must do is shoot the head as many times as needed. Just use the BFG.

Doom & Doom 2 Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Cheats (Doom 2)

    To use any of these codes, simply type it during the game. If you make a mistake, just retype the code.
    Code Description
    iddqd God Mode
    idfa Ammo & weapons
    idkfa Ammo, keys & weapons
    idclip Clipping mode on. Walk through walls! Toggle this mode back off to pick up items or use switches and doors. This one only works with Doom II. Type "idspispopd" instead for Doom 1.
    idchoppers Get the chainsaw (and a cryptic message)
    idbeholds Get berserker pack
    idbeholdv Get temporary invulnerability
    idbeholdi Get temporary invisibility
    idbeholda Get full AutoMap
    idbeholdr Get antiradiation suit
    idclev Followed by episode and level number, warps to that level
    idmypos Display coordinates and heading
    iddt With the AutoMap showing, cycles between normal map, full revealed map, and a full map showing the objects and enemies.
    idbeholdl Get light-amplification visor
    iddqd Full Life

  • PC | Submitted by Seth Zismer (

    Kill all enemies but lost souls (Doom 2)

    Type in fhhall during gameplay