Donny Cates and Dylan Burnett launch God Country spin-off The One You Feed

The One You Feed #1
(Image credit: Panel Syndicate)

Writer Donny Cates and artists Dylan Burnett, Dean White, and John J. Hill have teamed up to create The One You Feed, a 'pay what you want' digital first series published through Panel Syndicate.

The One You Feed is described as a "fantasy terror tale" set in a world where a magical cataclysm has left every person on Earth bound to demons that inhabit their souls.

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"One day, long ago, and for no reason whatsoever, the moon rose in the night sky, and every human being on the planet began to violently change into the demons that live inside of their souls," reads the official description of The One You Feed.

"Some of these monsters were good. Most...were not," it continues. "Now, after hundreds of years of these nightly horrors, a young prince, armed only with a mysterious sword named Attum, must journey into the night to face the monsters under the stars, and meet the wolf that lives in his own heart..."

(Image credit: Panel Syndicate)

Interestingly, though the nature of the connection hasn't been made explicit, Cates states that The One You Feed is a spin-off story connected to his God Country creator-owned story, which Cates created with artist Geoff Shaw.

"I've got one book that I can't name yet, that hasn't been announced, that I'm doing with Dylan Burnett who I worked on Cosmic Ghost Rider with, with Dean White on colors. That's coming soon – stay tuned for the details," Cates told Newsarama earlier this year, teasing the now announced The One You Feed.

"I will go ahead and say, that book with Dylan, you've seen teasers of art he's done with a big ass sword in it. I'll just go ahead and answer the question on everyone's mind – yes, that book is connected to God Country in some way," he continues.

That art can be seen above.

"People have been asking me for years, are we ever gonna see another story set in the world of God Country or any connections to it. I've always said 'no' – but I also have to remind everyone that I've always said I'm a liar by trade."

The One You Feed #1 is available now through Panel Syndicate.

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