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Donkey Kong returns to the arcades

Donkey Kong Banana Kingdom looks like a spiritual sequel to Jungle Beat, a brilliant 2D-style platformer on GameCube made unique by its use of the Bongo controllers.

Donkey Kong will hit Japanese arcades housed in a huge three-player arcade cabinet. With nothing but two buttons on the control panel of the cabinet, a similar control style to Jungle Beat, which saw players hit the button repeatedly to run left and right.

The three player functionality will presumably allow players to compete in what looks like a series of mini-games.

Above: There's been no word on whether Banana Kingdom will feature a "Eat DK's head" minigame amongst its collection, but we're crossing our fingers

Unfortunately, theofficial Japanese websitedoesn't offer much firm info for us English-speakers due to a lack of plaintext for Babelfish to work its magic on.

Capcom was not available for comment but we'll keep chasing.

February 20, 2007