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Donkey Kong construction has been spotted at Super Nintendo World in Japan

Super Nintendo World
(Image credit: Universal Studios)

Construction on Super Nintendo World's Donkey Kong-themed area has seemingly commenced – even though it hasn't been formally announced yet.

Although the new expansion has yet to be officially confirmed by Universal Studios Japan, recent visitors to the park have spotted cranes at work in a new section that's currently off-limits to guests, although visitors have been able to snap pictures of a suspiciously jungle-themed backdrop (thanks, VGC).

Others believe that they've also spotted a new track for what they suspect will be a Donkey Kong-themed rollercoaster ride. If true, it ties in nicely with rumors of a Kong-themed coaster that have been bubbling for so long, they pre-date the park's actual construction. 

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Concept art showcasing the new Donkey Kong-themed area of Super Nintendo World last appeared online back in May 2021, although it wasn't the first time rumors about the new area of the park circulated. Speculation was sparked when Donkey Kong-themed stickers were found buried in the Universal Studios Japan’s visitor app a little while back, plus earlier concept art uncovered as far back as July 2019.

If you've yet to visit you're not alone – I'm desperate to see it for myself, too! – but a helpful YouTube channel provided an in-depth look at Universal Studios Japan's new Super Nintendo World when it opened back in March. The videos show uncut footage of the park from the moment you step into the front entrance and into the amusement park itself. We even get a peek at the dozens of Mario-themed treats available in the cafés, including Super Star rice and teriyaki, and a stunning Princess Peach cake. 

If Osaka seems a little far away for you right now, don't forget that Super Nintendo World construction is also well underway at Universal Studios Hollywood. To see even more of what the park has to offer, you can check out most of Super Nintendo World in these 20 new videos.

Universal Parks and Resorts hasn't yet set an opening date for the Universal Studios Hollywood Super Nintendo World, but hopefully, it won't suffer the same delays that have reportedly pushed the Orlando location's opening back to 2025

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