Super Nintendo World hints Donkey Kong will appear at the park

Donkey Kong
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Following the Super Nintendo World Direct last week, Universal Studios Japan has updated their app so that it now has a Super Nintendo World tab. Dataminers were quick to investigate the app and uncovered a number of hints towards a Donkey Kong themed area coming to the park.  

Originally announced in a tweet from @KRoolKountry, the Donkey Kong fan shared a number of stickers supposedly found in the app which further hint towards Donkey Kong’s involvement in the park. The stickers feature not only Donkey Kong but also Diddy Kong, a DK barrel, and Rambi the Rhino.  

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Thanks to a video tour of the Super Nintendo World app by GameXplain, we can see what features the app has to offer. By launching the Super Nintendo World tab in the standard Universal Studios Japan app, visitors then have access to a map of the park, the story of the park, and other visitors' rankings whilst in the park. 

Although there’s no Donkey Kong area on the map at the moment, we are able to see where Miyamoto visited during the direct including Peach’s Castle, The Koopa Troopa Power Punch, and Bob-omb Kaboom Room. We can also see the Piranha Plant Nap Mishap on the map which Miyamoto passed but didn’t want to show to the public just yet.

The Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast

(Image credit: The Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast)

We were given an early indication that DK would be joining Super Nintendo World as early as 2019 when The Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast Facebook page shared photos of what seems to be concept models of the park. With no official confirmation, we can only speculate that this is what a Donkey Kong area would look like if Universal were to include one.

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