Dollhouse and Knight Rider For SCI FI UK

The UK SCI FI Channel has secured the first run UK pay-TV rights to Knight Rider, the pilot of which features Val Kilmer as the voice of KITT, and Dollhouse as part of its new spring schedule, reports the Guardian .

"We're dedicated to offering our audience the most exciting content available and are thrilled to become the UK home for two such highly anticipated series," said Jon Farrar, the programming director for NBC Universal Global Networks. "Knight Rider and Dollhouse both hail from fine pedigrees. The special effects in both series are genuinely show-stopping."

A few years back, Joss Whedon's Firefly was a massive success for the UK SCI FI Channel, with audiences well up on the network's average. They're probably hoping Dollhouse will pull off a similar trick. They're probably also hoping that the show's recent Stateside increase in viewers will also be replicated here (but the future of the show is still on the knife edge). Knight Rider has already been cancelled in the States.