$580/£450 Dark Souls Trilogy collector's edition comes with everything but an actual bonfire

If you're going to bundle all three Dark Souls games and their DLC into one massive trilogy, you might as well give that trilogy the most lavish collector's edition possible. Short of a full set of plate armor or, failing that, an actual bonfire, the newly revealed European collector's edition for the Dark Souls Trilogy is just that. 

The Dark Souls Trilogy came out in the US last October, but European fans won't get it until May 31. Seemingly as compensation for the delay, Bandai Namco printed 2,000 copies of the Soulsiest collector's edition I've ever seen. At a staggering £450 (around $580), this edition includes: 

  •  A 27.5" painted knight figure complete with an Estus bonfire 
  •  Six CDs containing the soundtracks for all three games  
  •  A 460-page compendium with notes on key items, a complete bestiary, illustrated maps, and a manuscript of all the NPC dialogue from every game  

The trilogy itself comes with Dark Souls: Remastered, Dark Souls 2 and its three DLCs, and Dark Souls 3 plus both of its DLCs. The collector's edition is obviously meant for hardcore fans, but the trilogy is also a great pickup for newcomers. Hell, if you haven't played through all the DLCs yet, it's probably worth it just for them. I've half a mind to buy it myself just to have an excuse to play through again. 

This has been a good month for extravagant collector's editions: check out the Metro Exodus Artyom Edition which is so rare that you can't even buy it.  

Austin Wood

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