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Doctor Who Star Turns Noir Detective

Robots and film noir – two concepts SF fans love to see converging. And they do in a new low-budget short written and directed by one of new Doctor Who‘s concept artists Matt Savage, and starring Noel (Mickey) Clarke.

According to Savage, Reign Of Death is, “something I have been developing for a number of years. I met Noel when we were both on Who in different capacities, and Noel became very interested in the project and said he’s love to be involved and to call him when I was ready to shoot.”

Which Savage did when the project – some four years in gestation – finally went into full production earlier this year – and Clarke was as good as his word. Reign Of Death is a sci-fi noir murder mystery that uses CGI characters (including Noel’s robot partner, Jimmy The Snitch) and backdrops.

A trailer will be going live in October and details of where you'll be able to see the film will be available soon. In the meantime, you can learn more over at Reign Of Death’s Facebook Page .