Doctor Who: first details

18 Dec, 2007

A world exclusive in the latest issue of UK magazine, GamesMaster, reveals the first info on a new - as yet to be officially titled - Doctor Who game from Eidos that mixes the characters of the UK's long-running TV sci-fi series with stat-battling card game, Top Trumps. The game is scheduled for release next spring for DS, PC and PS2.

Up to two players will be able to enter deck battles as the latest Doctor Who, with additional characters - including Martha Jones and Captain Jack - becoming available as play progresses. Each character has their own special ability - the Doctor, for example, can sneak a look at his opponent's cards by bending time.

The game borrows its visual style from the cartoon Doctor Who series, The Infinite Quest (see pic below), with animation studio Firestep apparently working closely with developer Ironstone to achieve a vibrant look for the game.

This definitely seems like it'll be a title that only dedicated Doctor fans will really get excited about, although given that over 650,000 Dr Who Top Trump packs have already been sold there are certainly a few Time Lord loons around.

You can read more about the Doctor Who Top Trumps game in the January 2008 issue of GamesMaster, which is in shops tomorrow.

Above: An image from the animated Doctor Who series, The Infinite Quest. The Doc's Top Trump game will have a similar cartoony look

Matt Cundy
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