BBC releases a new look at David Tennant’s Fourteenth Doctor costume

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The BBC has released a new look at David Tennant’s return to Doctor Who as the Fourteenth Doctor. Appearing in a series of promo pictures (which you can see below) for an upcoming sketch for Comic Relief, we get a closer look at his new outfit for the series of specials he’ll appear in as part of the show’s 60th anniversary year.

The sharp new look sees Tennant in a checked brown suit, white shirt, grey tie, a long blue coat, and some Converse. While it’s a different outfit than what we saw him wearing as the show’s Tenth Doctor, there are a lot of similarities in the style of the look that are guaranteed to bring back some memories (just look at those shoes!).

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Posting on Twitter about the new outfit, one fan wrote (opens in new tab): "This outfit *chef’s kiss*". Another added (opens in new tab): "The outfit looks so good ahh I can’t wait for us to see it in the show!," while a third tweeted (opens in new tab): "David Tennant was *my* Doctor. And now he's back once again for the 60th, as a new incarnation with a magnificent outfit! Never been this excited for #RedNoseDay."

Tennant previously addressed his new look with Doctor Who Magazine, sharing his thoughts on the slight twist on the Tenth Doctor look. "If it were too different, I think that would feel wrong somehow," he said. "I couldn't be wearing a cape and space boots. The point of me doing it again means it has to feel kind of the same. A kiss to the past, and a nod to the future."

We’ll have to wait until November 2023 to see Tennant in action in the main show, before Ncuti Gatwa takes over in Christmas 2023. For more on its way to the small screen, check out our guide to new TV shows.

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