Doctor Who "Cold War" Overnight Ratings

Official figures show that 5.73 million viewers tuned in to watch Doctor Who ’s splendid remake of "Dalek"/"Warriors Of The Deep"/ Alien last night. That’s a sight rise on last week’s 5.5 million.

That’s another strong figure, not just for Doctor Who , but for BBC drama in general. If you still worry about "falling" ratings then this story over at Doctor Who News about the final TV chart placing for "The Bells Of Saint John" puts things in perspective. The ratings are lower, but UK TV ratings in general are. In terms of its performance relative to the rest of UK TV at the moment it’s pretty much in the same place as it was four or five years ago. "Cold War" may be down on "Saint John" but that’s pretty much par for the course for a third episode (on the other hand, “A Town Called Mercy" did spectacularly well last year, but there were scheduling reasons – aka, following the Strictly Come Dancing launch show – for that).

Oh, and Doctor Who is currently number one on iPlayer. As usual.

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