Do Not Open is a randomised VR horror escape room that challenges you differently every time you play it

If you like horror, VR, and puzzle rooms, then Do Not Open's new trailer, revealed at the Future Game Show Powered by Mana, is probably worth a peek or two from between your fingers. 

VR horror can be intense at the best of times and getting trapped in a spooky house with a wall-crawling demon baby out to get you isn't the best start to anyone's day. There's also a giant skeletal witch creature… thing, likely to burst through doors and end you if you don't hide in time as well. So it's not looking good for slowpokes. 

What makes Do Not Open's brand of VR horror really interesting, though, is it's procedurally generated puzzling. It's all based on the puzzle room concept of being trapped in a space, and having to uncover and investigate the clues you need to get out. However, the house you're trying to leave will change its layout, the locations of room puzzles, and items every time you play, creating over 2,193, 360 different puzzle combinations. Each time you risk a game it'll be an all-new challenge to test your skills. 

Whatever the house gives you, you'll have to think fast as you're against the clock trying to escape - there are combinations to find, objects to locate and use, and puzzles to work out. Fail to get out of the room before the timer expires and things will get nasty fast - as the game itself says "solve, hide, or die"... The story behind all this sees you play as a character called Michael, trapped inside a warped and unearthly version of his own house, trying to stay alive, get out, and save his family. 

Do Not Open has already won awards, taking the best game spot in the Tech / XR category of The Indie Games Malaga Awards. You'll be able to see why yourself with the game coming soon to PS4/PS5 and PSVR. Follow the developer Nox Noctis on Twitter to find out more.  

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