DMC4 screens unleashed

It's been over a week since our last brush with PS3's premiere Stylish Hard Action game, so here's some images from Devil May Cry 4's Tokyo Game Show demo environments to dry those tears. Hit the Images tab above to check them out.

As only a taster of what we can expect from new lead Nero and his new demon-busting grounds, the city of Fortuna, the demo was as teasing as it was finger-numbingly furious. Nero was missing most of his combos, and the two new gameplay elements - the "acceleration" of his sword, the Red Queen, and his demonically-possessed arm's powers - were mostly kept up his dashing leather sleeves.

Considering the impact the first DMC made on the early PS2 scene, though, we're pretty sure DMC4 will be ready to rock with all those surprises and more when it arrives next year.

October 30, 2006