DmC: Devil May Cry TGS 2012 video demo - Verbal spats with a truly gruesome boss

Devil May Cry fans should know it by now, but we'll say it again: Ninja Theory's take on the younger days of our favorite demonslayer is certifiably awesome. Have your doubts? Check out the following gameplay demos for DmC: Devil May Cry, and all will be made clear--this Dante is just as big of a bad-ass as his older incarnation.

First up, we have Dante's duel with a disgustingly wretched boss who's somewhere between an enormous larvae and a decrepit witch. This demon exchanges taunts with Dante when she's not spewing up gallons of noxious goo, and the fight sets the tone for what we hope to see in all of DmC's boss encounters. We'll say this: We've heard Duke Nukem tell an enemy that he was going to rip off their heads and...excrete waste down their necks, but we've never had a boss scream this at us until we played the DmC demo at Tokyo Game Show. Stay tuned for our video demo of the harrowing encounter.

The frenetic fun doesn't stop there, though: We also took a tour of the increasingly warped Limbo City, as Dante dashed and bashed through a topsy-turvy street using the molten Eryx gauntlets. You can get a good feel for the game's smooth platforming and varied combat in the above video, which sees Dante swapping constantly between his Angel and Demon modes.

We'll be keeping tabs on DmC and Dante's new style in anticipation of its January 15th, 2013 release on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. But if the above videos aren't indication enough, we can verify that this game is looking just plain awesome.

Lucas Sullivan

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