Disney Infinity's Rise Against the Empire set lets you destroy the Death Star

Disney Infinity's Rise Against the Empire play set will come with cute little plastic Luke and Leia figurines, and a little Death Star that they can kick around and call names. Seriously, that Death Star's so tiny it couldn't blow up a province, let alone a planet… Oh, that's the piece that unlocks all the levels. That makes more sense.

Rise Against the Empire draws from moments spanning the original Star Wars Trilogy, taking Luke and Leia on adventures across Tatooine, Hoth, Endor, and into the (regular size) Death Star. You'll get to control familiar vehicles with "overhauled vehicle mechanics" like Snow Speeders, X-Wings, and even Banthas where appropriate.

Han Solo, Chewbacca, and even Darth Vader are welcome to come along, too, but you'll have to purchase them separately. You can also unlock the option to bring along other Star Wars characters, like Ahsoka Tano and pre-Vader Anakin Skywalker from the Twilight of the Republic play set, into the other Star Wars sets. Or you could just drop them all straight into Disney Infinity 3.0's reworked Toy Box mode.

Disney Infinity Star Wars will will go on sale "this holiday," including the as-yet undetailed The Force Awakens set.

Connor Sheridan

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