Dishonored gameplay walkthrough - Take a stealthy or violent approach

Dishonored boasts the ability for the player to choose exactly how their assassinations are accomplished. Be a ghost-in-the-shadows without catching the notice of any of the guards or combine your supernatural powers to brutally dismember any opposition. The choice between the two or any option in between is yours. Catch a glipse of both ends of the spectrum where the developers walk through the Golden Cat level using both a Stealthy approach and a considerably more bloody alternative.

In this second video, the developers give a sneak peak at the Flooded District and one of the more intimidating enemies we seen, the Tallboys, after the Golden Cat walkthrough.

Dishonored will be hitting stores on October 9 in North America and October 12 in Europe. For more information on Dishonored, check out our Dishonored preview.

Lorenzo Veloria

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