Did Marvel introduce a new US Agent and War Machine in the same week?

Daredevil #8 interior art
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US Agent and War Machine are characters who initially spun off from Captain America and Iron Man, respectively, with John Walker becoming US Agent and James Rhodes taking up the War Machine identity after they temporarily replaced Steve Rogers and Tony Stark in their roles. 

But now, US Agent and War Machine are on the road to having full-on legacies of their own, with Marvel seemingly setting up new versions of War Machine and US Agent both in one week, in Daredevil #8 and Secret Invasion #4.

Spoilers ahead for Daredevil #8 and Secret Invasion #4

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First up in Daredevil #8 by writer Chip Zdarsky, artists Marco Checchetto, Matthew Wilson, and Erick Arciniega, and letterer Clayton Cowles, Daredevil's recent ally former New York City detective Cole North seems to be getting a potential set up as the next US Agent.

A few issues ago, Matt Murdock fought the original US Agent John Walker and beat him soundly, stealing his shield as he walked away nearly without a scratch. In Daredevil #8, Matt passes the shield to Cole North for the fight against Punisher and the Hand

Cole wields the shield with aplomb, and seems to take to it quite well. Though the issue doesn't quite go there yet, Cole North could be the next character to take up the mantle of US Agent somewhere down the road - he's certainly already carrying his shield.

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Then in Secret Invasion #4 from writer Ryan North, artists Francesco Mobili and Jordie Bellaire, and letterer Joe Caramagna, Maria Hill takes on Tony Stark over his Skrull allies, who she just mercilessly gunned down at the end of the previous issue. 

Calling upon a remote suit, Tony manages to break out of Hill's custody, but she's got a pretty big trick of her own up her sleeve - a new War Machine armor, customized just for her.

The armor takes a serious beating from Tony Stark in his real-deal Iron Man armor, as he manages to take down Maria's Helicarrier, allowing her last remaining Skrull captive to take her hostage, presumably to be replaced by a Skrull herself.

Will Maria's War Machine armor return? Who knows - but there's now potentially a second War Machine armor on the table for Maria or someone else to pilot in the future.

Secret Invasion #5, the finale of the limited series, goes on sale March 15, followed by Daredevil #9 on March 29.

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