Devil May Cry film rights acquired - who should play Dante?

Reported today over at Variety, the Devil May Cry movie(s?) will be penned by Kyle Ward, the same scribe who is attached to the upcoming adaptation of Kane & Lynch. Alright, so it's not much cred, and he's still unproven... but, better than nothing, right?

It's still too early to say who will be playing the role of Dante, or even which version of Dante the film will feature. However, assuming Screen Gems goes for the classic Dante look, we came up with a couple suggestions of our own:

Above: Jared Leto or James Marsters... let the baseless internet rumors begin!

With anime movies, action figures and umpteen game titles already in the can, the Devil May Cry series is more than ready for its big screen debut. If Screen Gems can do for Dante what it did for the successful Resident Evil films, then Capcom can look forward to having two Hollywood stars in its stable.

Who would you peg as the most fitting Dante?

[Source: Variety via GamrFeed]

Mar 1, 2011

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