Devil May Cry 3

Refreshingly, the third game in the stellar Devil May Cry series is a true sequel rather than a fumbling re-hash. The shiny new graphics engine has been built from the ground up and the fact that it's a prequel means that a whole new plot is on offer. As well as the dazzling new graphics, a major gameplay overhaul has been initiated - you can now tailor Dante to suit your playing style by selecting one of several character classes.

Firstly, the Gunslinger class lets Dante fire in all directions with his shooters, then there's the Swordmaster class that increases the effectiveness of his melee attacks and lets him chuck his sword around as a projectile. Further classes include Trickster (Dante can scurry up walls and flip around enemies in a style similar to Prince of Persia) and Royal Guard, a class that concentrates on the defensive side of combat.

The short level we played took place in the deserted streets of a demon-infested cityscape. Dante's trademark floaty gun move and his dashing stab were all present and correct but we also got to try out some new moves like the rain fall (Dante leaps into the air and spirals downward, unleashing a hail of bullets). The new back camera (as it's called by Capcom) keeps the action close to Dante but there are still moments of restricted perspective to keep the cinematic feel that the series is famous for. The combat rating system has also been refined: there are now more variations, and your swording is rated as alright, crazy and dope among others.

Primarily, the game exists to make you look cool. Whether you're surfing on the backs of felled enemies, twirling around and munching a pizza as you pop off foes or performing ballet-style special moves, Dante looks the absolute fladgers. This is the kind of game that makes people think you're some kind of genius games master, when in actual fact you're a bumbling button-bashing idiot. All in all, were dazzled by Dante and his stylish, pirouetting gunplay. This won't be another tired sequel.

Devil May Cry 3 arrives sometime in October this year. Rock on