Detroit: Become Human is about androids, but don't call it sci-fi, says David Cage

Detroit: Become Human from Quantic Dream is a game about an android with self-aware thought processes and emotions. She feels curiosity, joy, and fear. It takes place in a near-future Detroit, where the robotics industry is (apparently) booming. Despite these futuristic elements, creative director David Cage says his game is not sci-fi.

Despite using advanced technologies in a future, fictionalized setting (you know, kind of the definition of sci-fi) I think I can see where Cage is coming from. He's not interested in exploring sci-fi tropes like space battles, laser guns, and aliens, he's interested in emotions and how a fully cognizant being experiencing them for the first time would behave. Of course, other sci-fi films like Blade Runner and I, Robot have explored similar ground, so maybe we're just splitting synthetic hairs.

We'll find out how very sci-fi/not sci-fi Detroit is next year.

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Sam Prell

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