Destruction AllStars file size revealed and it doesn't need much parking space

Destruction AllStars
(Image credit: Sony)

Destruction AllStars will roll out as one of the headlining free PS Plus games for February 2021 tomorrow, and it looks like it won't take you much time or storage space to start playing.

Since it's already February 2 in New Zealand, players over there started sharing some early information about the PS5 exclusive's arrival. That includes Reddit user Caenir, who shared that the total download size for Destruction AllStars, including its English language pack, is 28.32 GB (as spotted by Push Square). It looks like you'll be able to start playing the tutorial at around 17 GB downloaded.

Destruction AllStars was originally set to be a PS5 launch game before Sony announced that it would be pushed back to February. At the same time, it also announced that the multiplayer game that combines on-foot action with high-speed demolition derbies would be free to pick up on PS Plus for two months. Not a bad trade, all things considered, especially since it means there will be a bunch more people to play against as soon as Destruction AllStars goes live in your region.

Sony shared a bunch of info about how Destruction AllStars works in its very own State of Play presentation last week, running down the "disposable by design" vehicles, special abilities, and the four different game modes which will be available at launch. If you're feeling those winter doldrums (or summer doldrums in New Zealand, I guess) this will be a good one to try.

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