Destinys Taken King trailer is all nostalgia, badassery, and space battles?

Now here’s a trailer to make all year-one Destiny stalwarts go a weepy. Bungie has dropped the big Gamescom trailer for The Taken King, its FPSMMO’s first major expansion, and boy, is its first half ever the rousing nostalgia-fest. Recapping the game’s first year in narrative and gameplay terms, it’s all stout-hearted affirmations of what it means to be a Guardian, intercut with footage of the raids, strikes, and boss fights you and your friends have clobbered together a million and one times.

Then we get to The Taken King section, which does a great job of setting up new big bad, Fallen god-king Oryx, as dread, apocalyptic threat to all we’ve achieved so far. Basically, if you’re in any way invested in Destiny, you’re going to want to kill his face off instantly.

Interesting as well, is the kind of scale The Taken King seems to be touting. Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising given that this is less an expansion, more Destiny 2.0, rebooted and rewritten as effectively its own second season, but the sight of a huge fleet of Earth and Fallen ships hurtling into battle around Oryx’s vast dreadnaught – the setting for much of The Taken King’s all-new mission offering – is a hell of an arresting one, after a year of the good guys being huddled away in the wreck of the old world and the shadows of the Reef.

Also, is it too crazy to hope that said cutscene might foreshadow the eventual arrival of Destiny’s long vaguely-teased ship-to-ship combat? Probably, but I’m going to hope anyway. My beloved Glass Minuet has remained a mere loading screen trinket for far too long.

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David Houghton
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