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Destiny's Nightfall strike just became more profitable. Here are the drops you can expect

And Bungie has just made it a fair bit easier for you to get your Guardian up to Raid-ready spec. Along with yesterday’s weekly reset came a hotfix patch (opens in new tab). It brings specific news for Hunters, in that there’s a temporary fix for the recently discovered infinite Shadowshot exploit– the Nightstalker’s Quiver skill has had its extra shots removed, though these will be returned in a future patch when things are properly repaired – but there’s delicious, loot-flavoured news for everyone, whatever your class.

Basically, the weekly Nightfall Strike has been made notably more profitable in terms of quality and likelihood of gear drops upon completion. First up, the chance of getting a Legendary drop has gone up from 50% to 60%. That’s a pretty significant upgrade, though of course knowing the numbers will now make things moderately more infuriating if you don’t get one. Sorry about that. As for those Legendary drops, their Light level has now been increased, meaning that the armour and guns you do get will be specced 10 points higher than before.

Legendary Engrams have been removed from the reward board, but that’s actually no bad thing. No change has been made to any of the ready-to-go item drops, meaning that you’ll know exactly what you’re getting straight away, and won’t have to trek all the way to the Cryptarch before you can decide whether to celebrate, infuse, or junk. And aside from all that, you now have a higher chance to get Strange Coins and Three of Coins, and Legendary Ghost shells have been added to the prize pool too. So that’s a whole load more chances to increase your Light level by some margin, and increased avenues for taking matters into your own hands by way of Exotics too.

In all, it should make the jump from Nightfall level (250 Light) to Raid (290) a fair bit easier, and put it under a great deal more player control. Which, after all, is the whole philosophical point of The Taken King, and Destiny’s year two reboot in general.

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