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Destiny April update will make earning faction reputation less of a grind

Bungie cares about your gains, Destiny (opens in new tab) players. As part of the impending update (opens in new tab) set to go live on April 12, the studio is looking to improve the rate at which you earn faction reputation - thus making it easier to earn special rewards from various vendors scattered about the Tower.

"Your time is valuable, so we’ve increased the amount of reputation you’ll gain by completing the activities you enjoy," senior designer Victoria Dollbaum writes in a new blog post (opens in new tab). To that end, Bungie has beefed up rewards for Heroic Strikes, Crucible matches, Patrol missions, and the Prison of Elders. You can see the full breakdown below:

Heroic Strikes120 Vanguard reputation, 60 reputation with your aligned Faction

Crucible90 Crucible reputation, an additional bonus for winning, 45 reputation with your aligned Faction

Kill and Collect Patrols: 40 Vanguard reputation, 20 reputation with your aligned Faction
Scan, Scout, VIP, and Taken patrols: 50 Vanguard reputation, 25 reputation with your aligned Faction

Prison of EldersLevel 41: 150 House of Judgment reputation
Challenge of the Elders: 100 House of Judgment reputation

There's one more bit of news related to the update, set to be revealed this Wednesday, April 6. You can tune in to Bungie's Twitch stream at 2pm Eastern/6pm GMT or check back in with us. Think of us as your own personal Ghost, always floating around to keep you informed. Except we're not voiced by Peter Dinklage. Or Nolan North.

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